Digital Culture Awards
We look at how digital innovation becomes relevant to each of our lives. Studying how it shapes our digital culture of tomorrow.
Twice a year we ask three questions on digital culture. We celebrate the best and brightest innovations from around the gaming and technology world. We award outstanding achievements and innovation in the creative space.

Our Digital Awards

Our digital awards team host two award shows a year around the Spring and Autumn periods focused around the evolution of digital culture and it’s impact on our daily lives.

Each award show is accompanied by an exhibition to collect human data and expert opinion from specialist judges. Being that the shows are on Valentine’s Day and Halloween the exhibition are themed around the love and fear of digital culture.

Dedicated to the support of our winners and runner’s up, we run audio and video podcast’s on the run up to the exhibition via our news channels, content blog and social media. Our Youtube reach is over 5 Million subscribers experiencing, discussing and promoting nominated experiences. 

Our humble yet intellectually stimulating award show is something we take much pride in. The core sprit of our awards aims to be engaging, inclusive and accessible to all people interested in technology, we try to keep our award show and exhibition experience available to everyone. 

Areas of Interest


We admire how art impacts our lives, from cave paintings to texture mapping we remark on how it continues to affect our lives in new ways and with all people.


How technology is moving faster than ever, making our lives easier and adaptable. We review how technology introduces new hobbies and habits into our lives.


Man's survival has been linked to technology since the dawn of the wheel. In this new digital era how does the software we interact with change our lives.


The impact of some of the most recent technologies, has changed our lives forever. How we eat, work and ride home. We snapshot these moments in history.

Judging Process

Specialist Judging

Our specialist set of judges and experts is unique to each award, they examine the products weeks before the event and total votes contributed to the award winners.

Public Judging

Our exhibitions examine real data from people, experienced and novice alike. You leave comments and discuss. The total votes are contributed to the final award winners.

Honours In Nominations

We nominated only a small number of participants each year from game studios to art house independent projects. We have commercial awards to recognise the impact in a digital world. Being nominated means that you will be a core part of our award show. We’ll be in touch throughout with interviews from journalists and videos for our online community.  

Award Podcasts

Once we have collected the data, we release the podcasts revealing the winners of the year’s nominations! Highlights from the judges’ commentaries and public participation at the exhibitions will be included and shared over the network, interviews with the winners included.

Seasonal Exhibitions

Play, Discuss, Judge.

Our digital exhibitions are held around valentine’s and halloween. We work with the community and specialist panel judges to help us determine the best in category. Of course each event is a great excuse for a massive party and a chance to celebrate all the things we enjoy about technology and culture.

We are big believers in public participation adding value to the awards but also taking part in unique and amazing experiences

No two days are ever the same. 

Finding Talent

Business to Business

Working with us is simple. Our events team are on standby, ready to assist finalists, performers and sponsors each year to deliver the best digital experience possible. Find out more about working with us here.