Digital Culture Awards

Finalists .... Congratulations !

You have been selected for one of the most exclusive gaming and digital awards. This page will provide some further information to ensure you have a safe and pleasant journey during the awards process.

Key Information

Award Ceremony

The award ceremony itself will take place after the event. Giving us time to calculate scores and create the video content for youtube. The winners will be announced via the video channel first, then our social media channels.

Festival Audience

You can expect a gaming, art and technophile community, most of our guests  are affluent and big consumers of technology and gaming. They also like to party hard!


The venue is surrounded by some great transport links, the stations Farringdon and Barbican being a short walk from the venue itself.


Here’s a quick list of local hotels near by:

Key Dates

Check the Award pack for more details on arrival dates


If you’re exhibiting you’ll want to attend the show earlier, we open doors for setup from 8am the day of the event. We’ll have producers on hand to make sure everything is just right before you begin.


By default we have issued up to 3 passes to each of the exhibitors for the event. If you think you’ll need more, get in touch with us right away.

Supporting Users

Users will be coming to spend focused time with your product, try to be helpful and supportive as possible.