2019 Spring Exhibition

The Digital Culture Awards
2019 Spring Exhibition

Explore the Best of digital Culture this spring, the Art & Tech award Exhibition

highlights from the 2-day London Event

19th - 20th April 2019 (2pm - 10pm)

Across 3 rooms we’ve setup a number of exhibits, some a fusion of hardware and software, others fusions with organic matter and technology. Experience each of our awards then share by group.  Help us find this year’s winners by voting on our finalists, experience a range of inspiring gaming, art and engaging technology from around the globe. 

19th - 20th April 2019 (2PM - 10PM)

Compete in games showcasing the most amazing hardware and mixed reality setups. Watch nominated virtual and augmented movies – share your opinion with others complimentary food and drink will be provided. Discuss and share ideas with other techies.

19th - 20th April 2019 (2pm - 10pm)

Celebrity Judges

We’ll have a few words from games industry veterans, designers, with further acts and speakers to be announced in the run up to the exhibition. Keep up-to-date with the latest news via our blog on the run up to Valentine’s day.

Become a Digital Culture judge

Join us and explore the themes and nominations for this year’s digital culture awards. Your ticket entry gains you access to the exhibition and to judge over the two days. Roam around 3 exhibition zones whilst voting on a number of gaming and mixed reality experiences. Your votes count towards helping us determine the leaders in digital culture.

A London Experience

The event will be taking place at London destination ‘Crpyt on the green’.  Further details to be announced closer to the festival. The closest stations are Farringdon and Barbican which are a short walk from the venue.